Current occupation

Looking for work, Learning new skills
Ghent University
Master in Computer Science
2017 - 2019
Ghent University
Bachelor in Computer Science
2014 - 2017
Maricolen Maldegem
Latin Mathematics
2007 - 2013
Work Experience
Young Innovation HUB Åmål, Sweden
European Solidarity Corps volunteer
September 2019 - March 2020

After graduating in my master computer science I decided to not immediately find a fulltime job but instead I searched for an international experience. I found the European Solidarity Corps, a programme of the European Union that allows youths to perform a volunteership within Europe. I was selected to come work in the Young Innovation HUB in Åmål, Sweden. The Hub is a place where we help young people to furfill their personal projects, such as organizing events or starting a business. During my time there I helped organize a few events, did some public speaking in the schools in the area and started my own workshop Game I/O.

Leveraged knowledge: I gained experience in marketing, project management and public speaking
Open Knowledge Belgium
Summer job Open Summer of Code 2019
July 2019 - August 2019

Open Summer of Code is a project where several teams of students work on real life open innovation projects. This year I was assigned to the Best@ project. This project was issued by the Digital Transformation department of the federal government. The aim was to develop a toolbox of useful scripts to allow the recently published dataset of addresses in Belgium to be used more easily. For this we produced Python scripts that allowed to download the zipped dataset of the addresses, extract the xml files, convert them to csv and use them in other applications such as geocoders. An overview of our work can be found here. View the project page for more info.

Leveraged knowledge: All code was written in Python using pandas, datashader and bokeh
Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz, Germany
Research Intern
July 2018 - September 2018

In the summer of 2018 I did my internship as part of my education. I chose to do an internship abroad to get more international experience and to challenge myself by putting myself in an unfamiliar environment. The internship took place at the University of Applied Sciences in Zittau, Germany. As an intern I did research into machine learning solutions for the monitoring of nuclear waste containers by analysing the vibrations of these structures. At the end of my internship I wrote a paper about my research which will be published in the ACC Journal in the Summer of 2020.

Leveraged knowledge: Implementation was done in Python using the Keras framework.
Open Knowledge Belgium
Summer job Open Summer of Code 2017
July 2017 - August 2017

Open Summer of Code is a project where several teams of students work on real life open innovation projects. I was tasked to develop the backend of a bicycle navigation application commissioned by Brussels Mobility. The following year more funding for the project was acquired. A new team extended the application, I couldn't participate because of an internship. The current application can be found here. View the project page for more info.

Leveraged knowledge: Backend was written in C# using ASP.NET, frontend used Javascript and Mapbox
Other Experience
Legal Techathon

I participated in the Legal Techathon organized by Ghent Design Factory. During this hackathon I collaborated with law and tech students to implement a prototype solving a legal problem.

IT member IAESTE

IAESTE is a global organization which enables students in scientific and technical studies to perform an internship abroad. I am a member of the local committee in Ghent, where I provide IT support to maintain the information and application sites.

Member of devteam of student association WiNA

The devteam is responsible for maintaining the association's website.

Sportpraeses of student association WiNA

As sportpraeses I was responsible for the organisation of sports activities throughout the year. I carried this function out for two years.

Animator ’vzw speelpleinwerking Sint-Laureins’

I am a certified animator for youth work. In the summer vacations whenever I have free time, I work on the supervised playground of my home town.

Take a look at my projects for more experience!
  • bokeh
  • pandas
  • numpy
  • datashader
  • keras
  • sklearn
  • Jupyter
  • dimdrop
  • seaborn
  • matplotlib
  • JavaFX
  • Jackson
  • D3
  • topojson
  • Phaser
  • Webpack
  • jQuery
  • Mapbox
  • pest
  • Jekyll
  • Rouge
  • Itinero
C, C++
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